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Pure Spa & Salon

Book here to experience tranquility happiness and peace. Come to experience a  Pure  balance of mind & body.

About Us


Metaphysical Spa


We are a metaphysical Spa focused on mind body treatments.

We do Spa packages with tea and a treat and a little magic. In town spiritual daytreats (a retreat in your own town and get you home before dinner), Daycations (a full vacation in a day), spa slumber parties, weekend getaways to vineyards in North Georgia. Whether we add crystals to the water to raise the vibration or play hypnotic music, find yourself centered, rejuvenated and beautiful after every treatment. It’s a real spa get away, fluffy robes and all.


Pure Life Center

  Welcome to Pure life center 

Daily lectures on thought provoking topics 

Example, “ How to love the life you live joy is a choice to be made daily” 

Followed by a guided motivation.

Pure life Center is a 700 square feet room off of Pure Spa and Salon where we come together to raise our vibrations. We really live America’s motto” E pluribus unum”, out of many becomes one. 

An awakening is happening all across the world. If you feel it, come join us and raise the vibration to enlightenment with pure conversations focused on thought provoking issues. With art, ,music, support groups, workshops, and daily lectures. Enjoy music from the Beatles to Kaliad in our music therapy sessions and workshops. All ages welcome.


Why choose Pure Spa?


Do you feel stuck?

Are you wanting to take your life to the next level?

Are you searching for your life purpose? 

Are you ready to let go of the past? 

Are you ready to experience more love, meet your soulmate?

Are you feeling financial distress?

Are you ready to accept abundance and pure joy?

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