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About Us

About the Owner


Meet the owner Crystal Kitsmiller. Pure Spa and Salon was born from a broken heart. I was divorced over weight lonely living with family that were not supportive of me experiencing the most stressful time in my life with two children I felt alone and desperate. I had a Journal. I wrote down a dream. A dream became a goal the goal then became reality. I am now a master manifester. I will make you one too!! This is not a wellness center!! I don’t work out!! I don’t drink green juice!! We do serve donuts!! We do recommend laying around listening to music! Don’t get me wrong..... I do realize the impact those things have in a positive way. But this place is for the broken. I feed the mind body and spirit. So you can make it to a wellness center. If you need a gym of soul this is place for you!! I’m here to support you through the hardest and happiest chapters of your life. Grief, loss blocks, that part of life that gets overwhelming. This is an in town every day every week retreat. I needed one of those spiritual retreats when I was going through my divorce and custody battle, when I lost my faith, when I lost my father, after I had my daughter so many chapters of my life, I felt loss and needed guidance from someone that walked the road before me... but I didn’t have time or money! That is why Pure Spa exists weather you want to celebrate your life, weddings, family, or you are extremely sad retreat in your own town. With A full spa day with white robes and slippers uniformed staff catering to your every whim, guided meditations, sip and paint classes, sewing circles, wine tastings, education and Tours. Go from everyday life journey being a painful one to One where you cannot wait for the next day. Life is too short not to spend it not following your bliss. With alternative therapies such as light and sound and hypnosis. Come find what a gym of the spirit can do for you!! something interesting about your business here.

Senior Saturday


We respect and honor our seniors. Daily we offer 25% off and Saturday 50% off all services.

Pure Spa Gives Back


By getting services at pure spa you are supporting troubled teens. Our Teen programs trains youth in services and motivate them daily with meetings classes and money to move in a positive direction.